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Anthroposophy offers a
holistic approach to life inspired
by the spiritual pioneer
Rudolf Steiner.

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Who Are We?
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Fred Dennehy
What makes something funny? If you have ever been put in the wretched position of having to explain why you were laughing, you know that humor is irreducible. Trying to analyze it violates it. Because it lies at the very source of language, what provokes laughter resists explanation through language.
Rudolf Steiner, perhaps recognizing the pitfalls of definition, took a phenomenological approach to the subject in a lecture delivered in Berlin in 1910, entitled “Laughing and Weeping.” Steiner saw (as did Socrates in the case of comedy and tragedy) an intimate relationship between laughing and weeping.

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Mistletoe Therapy
B Y   B E T H   W.   O R E N S T E I N

The Christmastime tradition of hanging a sprig of mistletoe above the doorway originated in Greek folklore. Now, another use for the plant is becoming popular in the United States — complementary cancer therapy. Almost two years ago, the scientific and clinical review committees of the Kimmel Cancer Center at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa., looked at available research on the use of mistletoe as a supportive treatment for cancer patients.

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National Calendar of Events
I n   t h e   N e w s
The Septennial Theory: Does the Body Regenerate Every 7 Years? Saturday January 14th, 2023 – Cultura Colectiva - Latin America
Anthroposophy: “Trust in life and courage to develop despite uncertainties important in times of crisis” Monday January 17th, 2022 – The Brussels Times
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Bio Agriculture
Champagne Takes on Climate Change Wednesday December 27th, 2023 – France Today
True or false? Biodynamic wine is superior in taste and quality Tuesday December 26th, 2023 – The Nizh Times - Canada
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The intervals in music theory: definition, story & examples Monday January 2nd, 2023 – Auralcrave
100 Years of Anthroposophic Art Sunday December 25th, 2022 – Google Arts & Culture
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Rudolf Steiner
Co-Creating Life Monday August 15th, 2016 – Huffington Post - USA
Joy, Creative Urge Tuesday May 10th, 2016 – Huffington Post - USA
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Classical Music and Movement Art of Eurythmy Blend Together In A Eurythmy Recital Tuesday February 26th, 2019 – Broadway World - New York, New York USA
The teacher and traveller Friday December 8th, 2017 – Livemint - India
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The 9 Most Beautiful Biodynamic Wineries in the World Sunday April 22nd, 2018 – Architectural Digest
Rudolf Steiner's Goetheanum in Switzerland is a philosophical masterpiece Friday February 16th, 2018 – Wallpaper - London UK
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‘He’s the happiest boy I could wish for’: North-east mum’s praise for Camphill community Wednesday January 11th, 2023 – Press and Journal - UK
BBC presenter Martha Kearney joins very special Milton Keynes community as their patron Wednesday January 4th, 2023 – Milton Keynes Citizen - UK
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Adult Education
Zeballos indigenous students to visit Nelson Waldorf School Thursday January 5th, 2023 – The Nelson Daily - British Columbia, Canada
Kernza Research Underway Friday August 14th, 2020 – AgInfo Network - Walla Walla Washington USA
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Fostering Creativity in Play Based Preschool Wednesday January 18th, 2023 – Baltimore Fishbowl - Baltimore, Maryland USA
Milwaukee area school districts are using the great outdoors to further student learning Thursday January 5th, 2023 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Wisconsin, USA
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Healing and inspiring children with animals, mud and a touch of magic Saturday August 23rd, 2014 – The Ecologist - UK
Warning Signs: How Pesticides Harm the Young Brain Tuesday March 11th, 2014 – The Nation - USA
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COP27: Rockefeller Foundation announces 10 grants to scale indigenous, regenerative agriculture practices Thursday November 10th, 2022 –
‘A feel-good product for the environment’: Greenfield celebrates launch of Northeast Biodiesel plant Tuesday September 27th, 2022 – Greenfield Recorder
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Mistletoe Therapy for Cancer Treatment Thursday October 20th, 2022 – -, Kansas USA
Mistletoe and the Emerging Future of Integrative Oncology Sunday May 29th, 2022 – Verve times
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The Ten Most Significant Science Stories of 2022 Thursday December 28th, 2023 – Smithsonian Magazine - Washington DC USA
These Gorgeous Photos Capture Life Inside a Drop of Seawater Friday January 20th, 2023 – Smithsonian Magazine - Washington DC USA
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